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Central Statistical Office (CSO)


Central Statistical Office (CSO) 

The main responsibility assigned to the CSO is to bring about coordination of statistical activities among various  agencies. In central government and of statistical bureaus of state government, which were set up for similar coordination of activities of statistical agencies at the state level.

Establishment Year:02 MAY 1951


Headed By-Director General, 3 Additional director general, 4 deeputy director general, Joint directors and other supporting officials.

The CSO has Five Division 

(A)  National Accounts Division

(B)  Social statistics Division

(C)  Economic statistic Division

(D) Training Division

(E)  Coordination and Publication Division

Main activity of CSO

  1. Coordinating the statistical activities of various central government department and state government.
  2. Acting as a coordinator and advisor in statistical matters to the central and state.
  3. Providing statistical information to planning commission for development of 5 year plan
  4. Providing training to personals in statistical department of government.
  5. Standardizing the concepts, definition, classification and

Methodology of collecting data from different sources.

  1. Compilation and publication of national income statistics
  2. Publishing of all industry related statistical information.
  3. Conducting economic census and related surveys.
  4. Compilation of index of industrial production.
  5. Compilation of consumer price indices for urban non manual employees
  6. Compilation of human development ststistics and gender statistics.
  7. Dissemination of statistical information.
  8. Dissemination of statistical information.
  9. Analyzing work relating to trade, energy construction and Environment statistics.
  10. Coordination of statistical information.

The activities of CSO were further extend with the merging of two major units, which are

(A)  National information unit in 1954

(B)  The directorate of industrial statistics in 1957,which is now working as industrial statistics wing In19561,CSO was brought under the ministry of statistics in the cabinet secretariat.

The major publication of CSO in recent years are as follows.

  1. Statement of NAS 1993-94 in 2002-2005
  2. Input output transaction
  3. State wise estimates of value of output from agriculture and livestock
  4. Report of the working group on workforce Estimation for compilation of national Accounts statistics
  5. Millennium development goals India country Report
  6. Proceeding of National seminar/workshop
  7. Women and men in India
  8. Selected Socio-Economic statistics in India
  9. Compendium of environment statistician India
  10. Guide of official statistics
  11. Directory of statistics, India
  12. Statistical system in India
  13. Monthly-abstract of statistics
  14. Annual-statistical abstract
  15. Annual-statistical Pocket Book
  16. Annual-India in Figures
  17. Quarterly-Statistical newsletter.

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