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National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)

National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)

The main responsibility assigned to the NSSO is to collect data on varied socio-Economic subjects through nation-wide sample survey to create and update data base.

Establishment:  Year:1950                                                                                       


Headed By-Secretary of MOS&PI

Basic Objective:

Collection of data on varied Socio –Economic subjects through nation –wide sample survey to create and update  data base for use in;

  1. Policy Formulation
  2. Programmed Implementation
  3. Programmed Evaluation
  4. Research & public debate
  5. Economic & administrative decisions for national development

The NSSO has four Divisions

(A)  Survey Design and Research Division (SDRD)

(B)  Field Operation Division (FOD)

(C)  Data Processing Division (DPD)

(D)  Coordination & Publication Division (CPD)

The Major activities of the NSSO are

  1. To undertake socio-economic surveys on multi subject, multipurpose integrated surveys known as National sample surveys (NSS).These sample studies are carried out over the years in the form of successive rounds.
  2. The survey design and research division (SDRD) in responsible for planning of the survey, selection of samples, preparation of questionnaire, writing of field instructions and preparation of reports based on survey result.
  3. The Field operation division is responsible for collection of primary data for the surveys projects undertaken by the NSSO
  4. NSSO is also responsible for helping state to conduct crop estimation surveys These survey enable estimating average yield rates of major crop. NSSO also guide the states about the latest suitable techniques for obtaining maximum yield and making use of land in the best possible way.
  5. The operation division OF NSSO is responsible for collecting retail price data over the years on monthly/quarterly/weekly basis for the determination of consumer price index Numbers for rural and urban area.
  6. The annual survey of Industries (ASI) is responsible for providing statistical information to access and evaluate the changes occurring the growth, compositional and structure of the organized manufacturing(factory)sector comprising of activities associated with or related to manufacturing process, repair services, generation and transmission of electricity, gas and water supply undertakings and cold Storage.
  7. NSSO is responsible for organizing regular training courses on behalf of the training Division of the CSO for ISS and other government officers.

List of Publication

  1. Sarvekshana is one of the main bi annual technical journal of the NSSO which covers the analysis and main results of surveys conducted by NSSO
  2. Land & Livestock holding and & investment
  3. Housing condition and migration with special emphasis on slum dwellers.
  4. Consumer Expenditure is unorganized manufacture.
  5. Consumer Expenditure, Education, health and aged in India.
  6. Consumer Expenditure and small trading units
  7. Consumer Expenditure and common property right.
  8. Consumer Expenditure, Employment & Unemployment and no- agriculture enterprise in informal sector in India.
  9. Pilot survey on suitability of Reference period for measuring household Consumption.
  10. Unorganized Manufacture and Consumer Expenditure.
  11. Unorganized Service sector and Consumer Expenditure.
  12. Common Expenditure, Employment-unemployment, Disabled persons  and village facilities.
  13. Consumer Expenditure Employment –unemployment, situation, Assessment survey of Farmers.
  14. Employment-Unemployment situation in India.

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