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Statistical System in India


Statistical System in India

India currently follows a decentralized statistical system. The structure is based on the federal constitution where the union and the state government share the responsibility and cost of collection of data for the item covered under the union and state list respectively. As for the item covered under the concurrent list, both the central & state government work parallel to fulfill their respective requirement of data.

Key points

  1. Decentralized Statistical System

  2. Federal Constitution

  3. Central & state government work parallel to fulfill their respective requirement of data

Main Function of statistical system

  1. Collection, validation, compilations of data

  2. publication/dissemination of data

  3. Maintain statistical  standard (definition, classification, statistical methodology, Comparability).

  1. Coordination of statistical activities with all concerned

  2. Training of statistical personnel.

  3. Independence and objectivity of its functioning.

  4. International coordination


To be recognized as an efficient apex organization for timely disseminating reliable and credible statistics consistent with international standards to all users, and ensuring efficient use of national resources through effective monitoring of programmes and projects.


  1. To maintain statistical standards, and reorient the processes and priorities in the realm of official statistics, in tune with the changing technological and economic environment and needs.

  2. To collect, coordinate, collate and disseminate credible and timely statistics for informed decision making and debate, within and outside the Government.

  3. To promote human resource development in the official statistics and encourage research and development in theoretical and applied statistics.

  4. To facilitate and monitor infrastructure and large central projects for minimizing the cost and time overrun and for achieving high performance levels through systems improvement, and adoption of best practices.

  5. To monitor Twenty Point Programmed.

  6. To facilitate the efficient implementation of Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).
  1. Coordination and policy issues relating to National Common Minimum Programmed excluding sectorial policies allocated to other Ministries/Departments

Ministry of statistics and Programme implementation (MoS&PI)


HEAD OFFICE: NEW DELHI                                


STATE MINSITER-Rao Inderjit Singh

MoS&PI has 2 wings

  1. Statistical wing-National Statistical Office (NSO)


      Headed by-Director General

  1. Programmed implementation Wings


     Headed by-Deputy director general


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