Refund & Order Cancellation Policy

Order honours the choices that its consumers make and their wise selection to purchase smart educational items from P Statistics Tutorials. Each purchase you have made is significant, and we recognise it. Complete Customer Satisfaction serves as the mission and vision of Our materials are completely focused on quality, and they go through strict testing before delivery. However, there may occasionally be a misunderstanding of what you wanted and were seeking for in the service. We have a cancellation policy in place to deal with such delicate situations, but it is applicable in specific circumstances only. The following circumstances enable administration of the cancellation policy:
1) You have one week from the time you place your order with to cancel it. You have the option to cancel your order before it ships. However, the request must be submitted on time in order to be processed.
2) When you cancel an order within a week of purchase, the money gets refunded within 15 working days after the cancellation date in specific circumstances only.
3) You will get your refund amount after deduction of GST at the rate of 18% on the amount you paid for that particular course.

Replacement Policy1) If, after the goods has been delivered, you discover that you are having any technical problems that prevent you from accessing the product, you may report the issue right away to our customer service. We'll take strict, prompt measures to provide you a wonderful experience.
2) Technical Issues like you are not able to view the digital format of the content, you are encountering issues uploading the PDF files, or you are not able to download the content; issues of similar nature will only be entertained.
3) We appreciate your partnership with us and would be honoured to improve the educational process. Solve all of your payment, order, and replacement issues. Call our customer service at our contact no. +918574270238 and we will quickly address any of your problems.

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