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In connection with your use of 'P Statistics Tutorials' products, services, or other offerings on our website, this agreement binds you or your business to the terms and conditions mentioned here (specifically, our "products"). You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement by using any company products or even just clicking the "signup" button on this page. Clicking the "cancel" button will prevent you from using the company's products if you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. If these terms and conditions are deemed an offer by the company, acceptance is explicitly confined to these terms.

2. PrivacyOur Privacy Policy, which is available at pstatisticstutorials.com applies to any Personal or Professional Information submitted here in relation to your use of the products or the website.

3. General InformationCompany has the right to update the terms and conditions on our website at any time and in its sole discretion. Changes come into effect with instant impact as soon as they are updated/ uploaded on the website. If you keep using the products after the modification takes effect, it is assumed that you agree to the modifications. You must often visit the website to be informed of any updates we make. The company has right to upgrade or stop offering certain items at any moment. You are fully and legitimately liable for any and all fees (basic, telephone, other, etc.) associated with the use of our goods. Along with this, you are also responsible for paying any additional costs that can result from regular use of the items. You authorise us to utilise all of the credit/debit card information you supply to us on a regular basis to pay any fees that are owed in the event that you offer it to us for the purpose of paying any fees or purchasing our product. Unless otherwise specified, Indian National Rupees will be used for all payments. We anticipate that you will use alternative payment methods if your payment cannot be validated for any reason, technical or otherwise. In the event that you disregard our payment requirements, we may also use our right to prohibit your access to any or all products. You must abide by all applicable legal rules and regulations whenever you access any area of the website or use any/all of the products that have been mentioned, including those governing the use of copyright and other intellectual property as well as laws pertaining to privacy and individual identity. You are not permitted to copy, disseminate, modify, deface, impede, mutilate, hack, or interfere with the functioning of the website or do any other action that might cast a shadow over our brand identification. You are also not permitted to submit incorrect and irrelevant information about your identity.

4. Conduct/ BehaviourOur goods can be used only for legally required reasons. It is expected that you are fully aware of all applicable rules, laws, and regulations before using the product. Without our prior written consent, which we reserve the right to withhold at any time based on our judgement, you undertake not to use the products or the material to hire, solicit, or otherwise make contact with teachers or potential users for employment or contracting purposes. Any agreement or meeting between you and another user of the product will have an impact on you, and you are responsible for it. We are not responsible for any loss or harm that may result from using the information provided in any of the items on our website.

5. Basic Renunciation/ DisclaimerFor instructors and students alike, the website serves as a convenient marketplace. We are not liable or accountable for any correspondence between the instructors and the final users. Additionally, we disclaim all liability for any altercation, loss, or damage of any type brought on by the actions of the teacher or the user, including the user's reliance on any information given and subsequently utilised by both parties under consideration. Directly or indirectly, using some/any information provided in the products, you may have access to or connect with third-party websites (a totally independent business). Since we have no explicit or implicit control over them, the firm cannot be held liable for any behaviour on their part. You will be solely responsible for making the decision to access, utilise, edit, or otherwise make use of any information they offer, and you will not be entitled to sue them for any damages that may result from your reliance on them.

6. Specific Guidelines for FacultyIf you are providing guidance to users on any course or study material that is available on our website, you are acting in the capacity of a "Teacher," and you must adhere to the following rules and regulations in addition to those listed above: The company's approval, which may be granted or rejected at our discretion, must be followed in order for you to take action. You must also confirm with us that the content you supply is your own original work and will not in any way, express or implied, cause legal problems related to the purchase of goods through our website. You will be held completely accountable for your supplied content, which must expressly specify that you own the essential rights, licences, etc. to resolve any potential copywriting concerns in the near future. You must assume full responsibility for your material, and you alone must carefully resolve any problems that may arise. You have the necessary skills, experience, and information to create your material, and in any event, you are legally and contractually responsible for any obligation resulting from the sale of a part or whole product through our website. You won't be publishing any illegal, misleading, perplexing, unclear, or other content that could cause readers to have reason to be concerned. Aside from instructing and effectively leading website visitors, you won't employ the product for any competitive company. Except as expressly permitted in the agreement, you are not permitted to copy, re-edit, or sell the content. You won't engage in any behaviour that interferes with the other Teachers' ability to run their classes in a well-organized and efficient manner. To address any and all questions posed by product users, you will always act to the best of your ability. You must carry out your tasks in accordance with the established industry standards. You are completely aware of every phrase that has been stated explicitly or impliedly, that you are not a "Minor" as defined by law, and specified in the agreement. Keep in mind that by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are also promising to follow our rules and regulations to the best of your ability.

7. Simple Instructions for the UsersThe visitors of the website are expected to remember the following obligations: You have carefully read and comprehended the "Price Policy," which is spelled out on the website. Before acquiring our goods for your advantage, you are obliged to be informed of every single detail. If the law does not consider you to be a "Major," you have informed your parents or legal guardians in advance and are making the transaction with their full knowledge. You should not disseminate any material that interferes with society's ability to function normally, such as information that is inaccurate, confusing, disparaging, or infringing. You undertake not to share any personal information with any Teachers or other People you may come into touch with through our website. If you do share your information, you will be responsible for any repercussions. You also shouldn't ask a teacher for any reason to share their private or professional information with you. Any request to cancel an order that has been properly placed on the website will not be honoured unless it has received our express written consent. Any additional costs incurred will be charged to you and will not be binding on us in the event that a delivery is not made as a result of your error (i.e., incorrect name, address, or any other cause).

8. License, Grants and MaterialBy agreeing to the terms and conditions policy, you give us permission to make any legitimate use of the content you post on our website, including selling, distributing, re-marketing, and other permissible uses. Additionally, you give us permission to sublicense this content to any third parties or users that legitimately require our product. The material on this website might be changed or removed by you at any moment. After you have finished the necessary purchasing procedure, we provide you a legally binding, non-transferable licence to use the supplied and business material effectively. You agree to use this content exclusively for personal purposes; if we discover that you are using it for business purposes, we have the right to immediately terminate the contract. Additionally, you accept that any spoken conversation you have with us may be recorded for the organization's marketing, distribution, and quality control needs. Additionally, you are giving permission for the business to use your photograph, name, signature, or any other element of your persona in marketing materials and other contexts that might be useful to our business. These agreements do not give any implicit permissions, and the content owners retain all rights that are not expressly granted in them. The business retains the right to modify the agreement anytime it sees fit.Price for our coursesIf you use one of our goods, you authorise us to charge the appropriate amount to your debit or credit card. Periodically or in accordance with the established payment conditions, you will be charged. You will be required to pay the amount as and when directed by us at a date established by us if you select credit or debit card as your preferred method of payment and it is afterwards not permitted due to any problem. In the event that you fail to comply, you will be required to pay the amount plus a late payment penalty. Your offer won't be taken into consideration unless the item you ordered has been shipped, and the company will then be free to change the item's price, contact you for additional instructions via the email address you provided during registration, or cancel your order and notify you of the cancellation.

9. TrademarkOur "Registered" trademarks are any logos, trademarks, or other genuine symbols that have been included on our website, in our material, or on any of our products. You must not use our trademarks for any personal or professional purposes without first receiving written consent from us as we have full rights over them.

10. Warranty DisclaimerAny and all information (material, content, courses, or other study aids) posted on our website under our brand name is given to you without any express or implied warranties of any kind. It is anticipated that you will act in your own best interests and that you alone will bear responsibility for any damage (financial or academic) that results from the usage of our products.

11. Liability LimitationWe thus state that the company's obligation will only extend to the amount you paid to purchase the specified course of your preference. Beyond the price you paid for the goods, you are expressly or impliedly not allowed to make any claims for damages that may have resulted from using our product.

12. DiscontinuationIn the event that you are discovered to be using the product or website in an improper or unfair manner, the firm has the right to terminate your use of the product or access to the website. You can stop using the website or the goods at any time by not accessing them anymore or by getting in touch with us at pstatisticstutorials.com . Any content placed on the firm's website may be removed by the company at any time and without prior notice. You won't have any contractual obligations to the firm after termination. The company's decision is final in regards to any accumulated or unpaid payments.

13. Other Important PointsIn addition to the aforementioned, the following guidelines have a lot of relevance: a) Complete agreement - This agreement between you and the firm is based on your acceptance of all of the terms and conditions listed above. You will be required to adhere by these explicitly stated terms and conditions in the event that there is a problem. They will serve as the ultimate basis for all decisions. b) Notification: Any notice that we must provide to you must be in writing and sent solely on the approved business letterhead. In the event of any fraud, the company's decision shall be final and will have to be respected accordingly. c) The applicable laws of the country alone shall govern these Terms and your use of the website and products.

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